General rental conditions

Duquesa Village Jardines, la Duquesa; 29530 Manilva Andalusia/Spain

Article 1: OBLIGATIONS and responsibilities of the tenant


The tenant will pay within a maximum period of 24 to 48 h following the date of confirmation of the reservation a deposit of 25% of the total price of the stay on the behalf of the owner. He will pay the balance, as well as the guarantor, also to the owner at least 30 days before the beginning of the stay. The payment will be made by bank transfer or online.

In the case of a booking made within 30 days prior to beginning of stay, the tenant will pay the full amount of the stay upon confirmation of the reservation by the owner. In case of payment by bank transfer, the tenant will send the Bank proof of payment to the owner.

The owner reserves the right to cancel the booking at the wrong tenant if it does not fulfil the payment thereof according to the payment terms defined above. No stay will begin unless the tenant paid for the full price of the stay.

The deposit is paid by the tenant to the owner with the remaining balance due up to the amount fixed by the owner in the contract. The deposit is returned by the landlord to the tenant no later than within 5 days of the end of the stay, after removal of any costs of repairs or resulting acquisition of damage or losses that the lessee may have caused to housing or to its contents.

In any case, the owner will not accept to contract with a person less than 18 years. All reservations entered into by persons aged under 18 years shall be deemed non-existent, although the tenant may require the owner compensation.

Access to housing is guaranteed from 4 pm. However, where the housing is cleaned and ready before this time, the tenant may recover keys earlier.


The tenant undertakes to enjoy housing as a good father and to follow all use precautions made by the owner to the proper conduct of his stay and its vicinity.

The tenant shall ensure reasonable use of water, electricity and air conditioning. When the use of air conditioning, doors and windows will remain closed.

If the behavior of the tenant or a person accompanying causes nuisance as they jeopardize the smooth running of the stay, the owner reserves the right to terminate this contract without notice or compensation. However, the tenant acknowledges that it is civilly and exclusively responsible for any damage caused to housing, its content, third parties or their property, by common-law or someone he has in his custody, a fault or suite, to unlawful conduct, or use illegal or abnormal of the property or its contents, a theft or a fire as well as the non-performance of contractual obligations.

The costs incurred by the owner to rehabilitate housing and its annexes, will be retained from the deposit and charged to the lessee by the owner if the deposit is insufficient to cover those costs.

Finally, the tenant acknowledges that the responsibility of the owner cannot be held liable for damage caused by itself, to its property to its visitors and accompanying them during the duration of the stay. It is committed, in this case, to make any complaints to the owner directly and exclusively.

The tenant complaints, due to non-compliance of the offer of residence, housing to the description given by the owner, shall be made by the latter to the owner within 24 hours of his arrival. The tenant will simultaneously inform management agent which will then judge after consultation with the owner, of the merits of the complaint and if necessary propose the amount of the allowance will be established by mutual agreement with the management agent, the owner and the tenant. This allowance will be borne by the owner.

The tenant is liable for the actions of its guests and the people it has in custody.

The tenant undertakes to respect the maximum housing capacity i.e. 4 people. The owner via the management agent reserves the right to deny access to the leased accommodation on arrival or terminate the stay, although the tenant may qualify for compensation, in the event of failure to comply with these limitations.

The hirer undertakes to not smoke in the accommodation.

The owner will ensure good monitoring and maintenance of the apartment rental periods. The management agent will be performed, the State of places of entry, prior to the arrival of the tenant. The tenant will have 24 hours to report any damage or failure after arriving in housing. Without news of its endeans this time, it will be considered that inventory and the State of the housing are approved by it.

Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant has to release housing no later than the last day of its location, at 10 o'clock in the morning and return the keys to the management agent. In the case where the tenant does not reduce the keys in that period, an extra night will be charged him of his bail.

The tenant is required to return the housing and its contents in the State in which he found (in order). It is required to make good brushed, cleaned and put away the dishes, clean the appliances (including the griddle), deliver the furniture moved to the location that was their arrival, waste disposal and put them in the location indicated. Any breach which the management agent would be subject, to ensure cleaning and maintenance of the housing will be retained from the deposit and, where appropriate, charged to the customer by the owner.

Pets are strictly prohibited in housing.

Failure to comply with this clause allows the owner, through the management agent, to refuse access to housing while the tenant cannot claim any compensation.

Article 2: OBLIGATIONS of the owner

The owner guarantees the conformity of documents of housing and its inventory. Photos, plans and tourist information are listed for informational and non-contractual.

The owner shall communicate to the tenant the practical information on receipt of the payment of the whole of the total price of the stay.

In case of malfunction in the apartment owner is committed, through the management agent, be sure to provide assistance to the tenant any problem, to the extent possible.

The housing will be delivered to the tenant in a good state of cleanliness. At the departure of the tenant, the cleanup will be performed by management under the conditions of cooperation agent which binds it to the owner.

Section 3: SUPPLEMENTS rental

The provision and maintenance of linen bed and bath for the number of persons occupying the precise apartment when booking is included in the rental price. Bed linen pack includes 1 set of bed by sleeping sheet, 1 set of towels (small and large) per person, dish towels and 1 bathmat by water room. Are included in the rental local taxes as well as the charges (water and electricity).

Change of linen bed and extra bath at the price of € 15 per room occupied and extra cleaning at the price of €50.

All extras must be ordered by the lessee during the booking or at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the stay.

Article 4: Termination of the contract

The tenant candidate may, at any time, terminate the contract. The deposit acts as commitment, if the tenant decides not to hire the advance will not be returned (except in cases of force majeure).

The compensation is fixed at a standard rate as follows:

In case of cancellation between the reservation date and 30 days before the beginning of the stay: 50% of the rental price.

In case of cancellation between the 30th day (included) before the beginning of the stay and the beginning of the stay: 100% of the rental price.

The rental terms are likely to adaptation.